This post details the refund procedure for cancelled, postponed and rescheduled events that have been impacted by the Coronavirus (COVID-19).  We know that this is a challenging time and understand the concerns surrounding the Coronavirus (COVID-19). As a event ticket vendor, Ticket Thrill does not make official event decisions such as cancellations, rescheduling, suspensions or postponements. These decisions are made by the venue, team or artist themselves.

Our customers are covered by our ThrillGuarantee, which means if your event is outright cancelled, Ticket Thrill will refund your order in full minus any processing fees. If your event has been cancelled, you will be notified via email with details on how the refund process works. Please note that if you received hard stock tickets you must hold onto them, as they may need to be returned to Ticket Thrill for your reimbursement to be completed. You will be notified via email if this is required. There is no need to reach out to Ticket Thrill to initiate the reimbursement process.

If the event is postponed, suspended or rescheduled for a later date, refunds will not be available, as your tickets will still be valid for the new date. If you can no longer use the tickets or are no longer interested in attending the event due to the Coronavirus, we've made it easy to re-list them for sale on our affiliate websites. We can provide this information to you upon request. 


On behalf of the entire Ticket Thrill team, we wish good health to you and your family and hope that you join all of us in following the government guidelines to help keep our communities safe. We love to experience live events just as much as you and we look forward to attending them again soon.